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Air Graffiti 

Air Graffiti combines green screen photos with graffiti wall. Using a                                       spray can, you                                 customize your                                 photo with a                                     full palatte of                                 colors and


Mechanical Bull  Oxygen Bar 

Make a Customized Game Application                                for Tablet Smartphone            or Smartphone                                with you as star. thehero.                  Play at the event                                & bring home fun, too                   fun too!

Game Hero Like all Urban 
get on and
ride the bull 
and fall on
Breathe Easy &
Chill with our 
New 4 station 
Oxygen Bar with
16 different 
flavors to inhale.
© Copyright Record-A-Hit Entertainment
Game Hero Just seeing our new 
inflated Wrecking Ball 
will get everyone 
excited to play. No 
       experience needed, 
       just swing ball & 
           try to knock 
         your opponent 
down. Up to 4 can play.

“100 Drums” 
drum circle 
to your event. 
instruments, eager participants
and a great experienced 
facilitator combine to make an 
event that rocks.
100 Drums Wrecking Ball New Bobble Noggins is a 
fun photographic party 
favor that lasts & lasts. 
Bobble Noggins combines
a photo of your head on 
a spring and a sturdy 
cardboard body of your
choice on an easel. 

Bobble Noggins u
Start & Finish Line Arch
26’ Wide Inflated arch with
START imprinted on one side
and FINISH on the other.  
Great for races and big outdoor
events. Attention getter.
All Season
Iceless Skating Rink
Time To Start Planning
Your Summer Events!