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Nail Tattoos SpotMyPhotos E.mp4 Iceless Skating.mp4 Customized Photo Cell Phone Covers Game Hero Children's Crawl Throughs All Season
Iceless Skating Rink

Cell Phone Covers u

Our awesome Air Graffiti Wall now
another great option.  We now have
Air Graffiti Touch. Participants use
their finger to point and draw on
the new beautiful new 54” flat touch
screen tv. Touch offers the ability to
work in a brighter area, makes it
Easier to use and reduces the
overall footprint of the attraction.
Air Graffiti TOUCH Make a personalized game application
with you as the hero. Attraction
combines green screen photos and
                       the choice of 5 
                       different games. 

Cell Phone Covers
Oxygen Bar 
Breathe easy and chill out with our
wonderful 4 station Oxygen Bar.
16 different flavors to inhale with
our fresh oxygen. Each participant
gets their own new nose hose.
Oxygen Bar
Bigger and Badder than any other
Obstacle course.
Adrenaline Rush Extreme Strike A Light
Strike A Light
Test your eye-hand coordination 
and accuracy while trying to beat
your opponent. Machine will keep
score of all strikes.
Strike A Light
New For Toddlers
Wild Animal Zoo Make Your Carnival 
Even Better

Carnival Game Fronts 100 Drums Drum Circle
Spot My Photo
Make Your Own
Game Application
Bubble Soccer
Bubble Soccer u
Record-A-Hit provided attractions
for WGN’s “Battle of the ‘Burbs”.
Check it Out!
Air Graffiti Touch
Nail Tatoos Your body, from the top of your head to 
your knees, is encased in a bubble soccer 
ball. With 5 players/team play a ridiculously 
funny game of 5 on 5 soccer.
Giant OPEN Booth
Self Serve Photo
55” Touchscreen
Write a message.
Logo possible.
Email or post to FB.
6” x 4” print.
Self Serve, 55” Touchscreen, Good
2 Strips of 4 pics
New Photo Options Kid's Gym
New For