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Meet Rob,

Rob Broms is the Owner and President of Record-A-Hit.  He started the company in 1986 as a Karaoke entertainment company and, by keeping his finger on the pulse of the event entertainment industry, has

Helped Record-A-Hit grow from a one attraction company to a company which has over 100 items in many different categories.

A firm believer in networking, Rob has taken an active role in many Chicago organizations over the years including IAPD/IPRA, MPI, NACE, and has most recently been integral in the startup of Chicagoland Event Professionals.

A hands-on professional, Rob participates in every stage of RAH event production and knows what attractions are appropriate for different types of events, age groups, etc.

Rob can be seen on Facebook and is a Linked In member.

Meet Dipesh,

Dipesh Kadakia is our Operations Manager, which means he has been here for years and knows how to operate mostly everything. He schedules the crew and works closely with Mariusz to make sure the equipment is running well and looking good. Born and raised in Chicago, he graduated from Northeastern IL University and spends his spare time, when he has it, participating in physical challenges of one sort or another, as if working for RAH wasn’t enough of a workout, and enjoying local sports teams.

Meet Kim,

Kim Young has been with RAH for over 14 years. After graduating SUNY NY eons ago, working in advertising in downtown Chicago and doing a lot of paste-up, she learned desktop publishing and is sticking with it. She works as an admin. assistant and graphic artist for RAH. Her favorite activities are working with graphics for Green Screen attractions, the RAH website, mailings, advertising, and all that visual jazz. Plus she enjoys watching movies with her family, reading, swimming and traveling. Call Kim with any questions about logos or artwork.

Rob receiving award from

Missouri Meetings and Events Expo where we premiered our Photo Party Upload Attraction.


Meet Mariusz,

He says, just call me “Mario” when people struggle over his name. Mariusz has been with RAH for 6 years, first as Crew, then Crew Chief, and now as our first class Warehouse Manager. While keeping our equipment maintained,  he also continues to do events and helps train new up-and-coming Crew and Crew Chiefs. Mariusz Kaplon was born in Jaslo, Poland and has been in the US since 2000. Married with 2 young children, he is skilled at bricklaying and is working to get his CDL Class A license in his spare time.

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