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Crawl Thru’s are designed exclusively for kids under 10, and usually thrill children from the ages of 2 to 8 and under 4’ tall. Kids will be enchanted with the many obstacles within each attraction and are always pleased with the slide included on many of  them. Parents of young children will usually have to divert their child’s attention to get them away from these wonderful creations, which kids will be happy to go through over and over again.

Chuggy Choo Choo - All aboard! Tunnels, ladder, lots of windows, inside slide. Time to take a ride on the Choo Choo. Mom approved!

Buddy The Whale - A great “underwater adventure. Exit down the slide.

Gator Hide & Slide - Climb into mouth, play and jump in inside jumping area, then slide out to do it again. Water themed pop-ups.

Kiddiepillar - Kids go in the front, climb and incline and slide down into interesting pop-ups and barriers.

Propella the Airplane - Kids climb up into Propella, go down a slide into the airplane, pretend they are a pilot, climb around obstacles and exit at the rear.

Pumper the Firetruck - Climb into the world of the firefighter. Inside you will find obstacles, ladders, a slide and many colorful distractions. Exit down the slide.

Kiddie Grand Prix - Auto racing themed, steering wheels, race track imagery. All you need is the sound of roaring engines.

Puffer the Circus Train - Circus themed attraction, animals, entertaining images, bunkers to climb over, obstacles to avoid.

Wild Animal Zoo - The new adventure game for the toddlers. This action packed game uses the ever popular jungle theme that operates like a challenge course for the little kids. The children will work hard to get through the maze of inflatable animals, slides and obstacles.



Requires 1 or 2 20 amp dedicated circuits and a level, dry operating surface.


Buddy - 40’x14’x10’    2 circuits

Gator - 34’x12’x14’  2 circuits

Kiddiepillar - 55’x8’x15’  2 circuits

Pumper - 34’x8’x12’  1 circuit

Kiddie Grand Prix -        2 circuits

Puffer - 50’x20’x25’      2 circuits

Chuggy Choo Choo - 45’x16’x10’ 2 circuits

Wild Animal Zoo - 20’x18’x10’ - 2 circuits


Includes 1 attendant


Under 10 (Wild Animal Park -  Under 5)    





Children’s Crawl Thru’s Buddy The Whale Kiddiepillar Pumper The Firetruck Puffer  The Circus Train Kiddie  Grand Prix Chuggy Choo Choo Gater Hide & Slide