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Ultimate Laser Tag is versatile and fun. The weapons use a low watt visible laser beam which is effective up to 500 ft. In any direction. These smaller one-handed Battle Phasers are tough and lightweight. The Phaser can aim and lock on your target with some really cool visual and sound effects. Each Phaser indicates the time, shots and lives remaining during a programmed game, and will give each player their final personal score at the end of each game.

The camouflage Battle Vests, worn by every player, are comfortable and lightweight. When active, the fibers will glow Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple or Orange and will turn off briefly when hit, plus you will feel a vibration on contact. We can program each team with different color vests for identification.

Popular with kids of all ages. Team, individual and roup play is easily programmed. We can modify the length of game,number of shots and lives, as well as the color for each team.

A sound system, with high intensity soundtrack keeps everyone pumped up.

The battlefield consists of 22 bunkers of various sizes. Bunkers can be configured to the size of the room. Participants can run around, sneak, crawl and hide behind the sizeable inflated bunkers to deflect incoming shots and to determine their aim.

22 large obstacles, including a central X, plus an X for each team’s home.

Digital Scoring and Display

DJ Lighting

Continuous Music

Color Changing Vests for Team ID

5 players per team

Heavy Duty Infrared Battle Phasers



Requires 1-20 amp dedicated circuits and  a level, dry operating surface. 2 6’ tables.


6000 square feet.


Includes 1 attendant


Participants must 8+up


10 to 15 matches per hour, 5 on 5



Make a great attraction

better by adding GLOW.

Includes 4 large high
intensity black light
stands, Glow in the
dark face paint station,

Black light décor for

walls, bunkers.

Appropriate for dark rooms
or outside at night, after dark.  
Contains all the elements of Ultimate Laser Tag plus the added zip of GLOW.

Add on Team Pics Each member of the team gets a 4 x 6 print in  protective sleeve after their game.  Great Memento! Add on GLOW Ultimate Laser Tag

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