Best Attractions for the 2017 Holidays

Want Instant Snow At Your Event?

Try the Incredible Snowman. He produces and blows artificial snow to give the appearance of a light dusting of snow blowing around. It’s beautiful and your guests will love it. Book it now!

Skate On Our Iceless Skating Rink!

Imagine ice skating inside! Our iceless skating rink is made of high-density interlocking plastic pieces that are totally smooth when put together. Your guests will remember this event for a long time. Book it now!

It’s Snowing In Our Giant Snow Globe

Giant Snow Globe

With a little holiday music and our huge inflated snow globe, your guests will have a blast getting photographed (6” x 4” in plastic sleeve for safe keeping) throwing the artificial snow around. Book it now!

Where’s Santa And Rudolph?

They are at your party! Your guests will get the chance to let Santa know what they want for Christmas or talk to Rudolph, the Red-Nose Reindeer. How can you NOT have Santa at your holiday event? Book it now!

All I Want For Holidays Is…A Roller Rink?

Roller Rink

Check out the new Roller Skating Rink. Our rink is made of interlocking pieces that are smooth when put together. Skaters can feel no discernible edges. We’ll bring the rink to you! Book it now!

Give Your Guests An Ornament To Remember

Snowflake Ornament

Christmas tree ornaments or photo snow globes are great gifts that people will love and display for a lifetime. Check out all our designs. Book it now!

Our team here at Record-A-Hit hopes you have a wonderful holiday season.