Best Back-To-School Attractions

There is only a couple of weeks left until school is back into full swing. Make sure your first event of the school year is one that the students will be talking about until next summer! Below is a list of ways you can start your school kick-off event and what attractions pair best with it.

Starting the school year with a thrill: Rent our Mechanical Bull.

Participants will get on the mechanical bull and as soon as they are comfortable our professional bull operator will start them out on a slow setting, increasing the speed gradually. See who can ride the bull the longest!

Starting the school year with a flash: We offer many photo booths from our Giant Selfie Booth to our Traditional Photo Booth or even Green Screen Photos.

Giant Open Selfie Booth

You will be able to have props and can customize your own background. Have something the students can look back on throughout the year.

Starting the school year with a jump: Students will be excited to get back in the swing of things so why not translate this energy onto our Eurobungy Trampoline!

They will be able to fly high in the sky while bouncing off one of our trampolines – and yes, flips are allowed!

Starting the school year being crafty: Arts & Crafts never hurt anyone.

Spin Art

Rent our Spin Art to see the student’s talent come alive. We offer T-shirts, shades and frisbees that can be painted on!

Starting the school year with a splash: The beginning of the school year can mean heat!


Cool down at your first school event with our Inflatable Slip-n-Slide. It’s a bigger version of your childhood slip-n-slide, so try it out now!

Starting the school year with brain games: It’s never too early in the school year to test your student’s knowledge.

Have a competition and see who can solve Map Mania the fastest or who can yell “check mate” first with our Giant Chess.

Giant Chess

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