Best Halloween Inflatables and Games for 2017

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2017 Halloween Inflatables

Get Your Scare On!

The inflatable haunted house has a massive maze full of scary pop-outs, dark hallways and tons of ghosts, goblins and gore galore. Fun for all ages!

Moonwalk Pumpkin

Imagine Yourself In The Pumpkin Head!

How much fun is bouncing around inside the Pumpkin Moonwalks? A lot! We have both a large and medium size to fit your size kid and event.

It’s A Typhoon Of Balloon Terror!

Actually, it’s not very scary. The Balloon Typhoon great fun for the kids because they get to bounce around in a whirlwind of balloons. Balloons are provided and it can entertain over 100 kids an hour.

Ultimate Laser Tag


Can You Laser In The Dark?

By adding GLOW (four large intensity black lights) to Ultimate Laser Tag, you get a spooky game best played at night. These low watt phasers can get people up to 500 ft. away and will lock onto your target with some cool night visuals. The game also comes with a sound system and high intensity soundtrack to keep everyone energized.

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