Can You Do Curling The Olympic Sport At Your Next Event? Of Course, You Can!


With the 2022 Winter Olympics right around the corner, brush your way into the curling world with our Portable Curling Rink – no cold or ice required!

Two to four guests can play at a time (much life shuffleboard). Players will slide their stone as close to the concentric circles, also known as the “house”, at the other end of the curling rink as possible. The closer you are to the house, the better! Make sure you are precise in the amount of strength you use when delivering the stone. The team with the most stones closest to the house earns a point.

You can “hit” your opponent’s stone by knocking it out of the playing area – this will remove the stone from the round. You also may wind up with a hogged stone – this happens when the stone does not reach the hog line, the line that stretches across the width of the ice from the center of each house.

If you’re skilled enough, you will become the lead once you are the first player to have delivered a pair of stones at the end. Do not worry, there are spares in this game – you can have a substitute if you are not on your A-game.

Do you have what it takes to be the gold medalist at your next event?

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