Banc A Ball        

1. Using a small basketball, participant standing 2 feet away tries  to hit the panel and get the ball into the basket.        

2. If ball goes in basket (and stays in), they win.        

3. 3 balls to try        

Bank Shot         

 1. Roll a diagonal bank shot off the elastic bungee corners to get your ball       into a target hole.           

 2. If a ball gets in RED HOLE, you WIN.        

 3. Each participant gets 3 tries.        

Big Mouth Bean Bag Toss        

 1. Throw bean bags toward open mouth of clown.           

 2. 2 Bean Bags in Clowns Mouth WINS.        

 3. Each participant gets 4 tries.        

Bottle Ring         

 1. Participant gets 3 rings and tries to get a ring around        

      One of the bottles        

 2. If ring stays on a bottle, participant wins.        

 3. 3 Rings, 3 Tries.        

 Can also be played by trying to only “ring” red bottles, or        

 Blue bottles or white bottles to make it more challenging.        

Bozo Buckets         

 1. Using plastic balls, participant throws a ball into each bucket, starting at      the closest.          

 2. If they succeed in landing their ball in 4 or more buckets, they win a       prize.            

 3. Each participant gets 5 tries.         

Crazy Hat         

 1. Participant gets 5 bean bags. Standing 2 feet away from Crazy Hat,       participant tries to get bean bag into hat.        

 2. 2 bean bags in hat wins.        

 3. Each player gets 5 bean bags to toss.        

Cover the Spot         

 1. Player drops five discs while standing above game.         

 2. Cover the Red Spot completely and you WIN.         

 3. Each participant gets 5 disks to drop.        

Cue Ball        

 1. Player attempts to get 1 ball into hole at top of board to win using cue       stick        

 2. If a ball gets in hole, you WIN.        

 3. 1 Cue Stick & 3 Balls per player.        

Fat Cats        

 1. Throw bean bags at hinged cats.           

 2. If you knock one or more over, you get a prize.        

 3. Each participant gets 3 tries.        

Frog Hop        

 1. Using the rubber mallet, and placing the rubber frog onto the catapult,      contestant hits the catapult to launch the frog onto the pedestal.         

 2. If a frog lands on the pedestal, you WIN.        

 3. Each participant gets 3 swings/hits of the mallet        

 Krazy Kans         

 1. Throw softballs or bean bags at the stacked up cans to knock them over.   2. Knock over at least 2 cans and you WIN.        

 3. Each participant gets 3 balls or bean bags.  

Mini Golf Putt         

 1. As in mini golf, player attempts to get 1 ball into hole at top of board      using putter.        

 2. If a ball gets in hole, you WIN.        

 3. 1 Putter & 2 Golf Balls per participant.        

Milk Bottle Toss         

 1. Throw bean bags to try and knock over wooden milk bottles.         

 2. Knock over more than 1 at one time and you win. Reset bottles to       standing after each toss.        

 3. Each participant gets 3 tries.        

Milk Pail Toss         

 1. Participant throws three softballs in an attempt to get them to go in the       milk pail from standing 2 feet away.        

 2. If a ball goes in, they win.        

 3. 3 balls, 3 tries.      

Piggy Race        

 1. Each participant picks their favorite pig, turns it on and puts it in position,      holding it until attendant yells start.       

 2. Attendant starts the race.       

 3. First Pig to reach the end Wins.       


 1. Two players. Each player, takes a chip and drops it down the Plinko board      from the top.         

 2. Add the number from the bottom of the board where each chip lands.      Highest accumulation wins.       

 3. Each player gets 3 chips for 3 tries.       

Ring Toss        

 1. While standing about a foot away from the game, participant tries to toss a      ring onto a post.       

 2. Get 2 rings on any 2 posts and you WIN.        

 3. Each participant gets 6 rings to toss.

Skee Roll           

 1. While standing at the end of unit, player rolls/bowls wiffle ball to try and      get into one of the holes at the other end.           

 2. Get 2 balls into any of the 3 holes and you WIN.           

 3. Each participant gets 3 balls to roll.          

Star Darts           

 1. While standing about 2’ in front of game, play throws the suction cup darts      to try and hit a star.          

 2. Attach one dart to a star and you WIN.           

 3. Each participant gets 2 darts to throw.   

Shuffle Bowl        

 1. Using their hand, participants try to shove the hockey puck to knock over      bowling pins. Do not throw puck, keep puck on surface and shove.       

 2. Knock pins over to WIN.        

 3. Each participant gets 2 pucks.      


 1. Player is given 2 wiffle balls        

 2. Player throws balls into tub and the two balls are totaled.       

 3. Sum of 11 wins 1st prize Sum of 7 wins 2nd prize       

 4. Any other totals win consolation prize.       

 5. If ball leaves board, ball is replayed. 

Tic Tac Toe          

 1. While standing about 2’ in front of game, player gently throws plastic ball      to land in an open space.           

 2. Three balls in one line WINS. “Tic-Tac-Toe, three in a row” WINS. Vertical,      Horizontal or Diagonal.          

 3. Each participant gets 4 balls to throw.          

Tip A Troll          

 1. While standing about 3’ in front of game, player throws bean bags at the      eight trolls to try and knock one over.            

 2. One tipped Troll WINS.          

 3. Each participant gets 3 bean bags to throw.          


 1. Using customized tool, participant tries to move tool along the twisty      curvy thick metal wire to the other end WITHOUT touching it. If they      succeed, they win.          

 2. If tool touches metal wire, yikes, game makes a shocking noise.          

 3. Participant gets 3 tries.