Five reasons why is renting a portable roller rink better than renting out a local roller rink

There are lots of issues with having your event or party at a local roller rink.

First, you must be sure to rent out the whole space or you must share the floor with other people.

With a portable roller rink, we can bring the roller rink to your location and only your guests will have access. For social distancing, it’s a lot harder to do that at a local roller rink than with ours.

Second, you have a very limited time since you are renting the space and it’s very expensive to do an entire business day.

It’s much more affordable than renting an entire local business area and you can have it either indoors or outdoors (more social distancing).

Third, you must get everyone there via a bus or people must travel across town to get to the location.

When we bring the roller rink to you, no one has to leave to celebrate. This is especially helpful for college campus, high schools or even a parking lot (must be flat).

Fourth, you must bring extra money for food and drink.

With ours, you can have your own food and drinks available or we can bring them.

Fifth, you must deal with their DJ and if they have your music they might not have what you want to hear.

With our rental, we provide a PA sound system streaming Pandora for no additional charge. You can hire a DJ just for your party and they will play what you want to hear. We also have special dance lights to make the rink look as if it is glowing. It has the appearance of the local roller rink without having to be the local roller rink.

Our portable roller rink is made of smooth interlocking pieces with no discernible edges so it’s very smooth to roll on. It is available from 1600 square feet to 2400 square feet.

Our team of professionals will lay down a tarp to protect the surface of your venue. The only venue requirement is that you have a flat level surface, such as a gym or parking lot.

The portable roller skating rink also has an optional plexiglass perimeter barrier to keep skaters on the rink.

We include fifty (50) or one hundred (100) pairs of skates in various sizes for adults and kids along with our roller skate storage rack. People can also bring their own roller skates but, please, roller blades are not permitted on the surface.

Your guests are also required to wear protective wrist guards which we provide as well as socks. Foot covering will be provided if necessary. We set up two six-foot benches to aid your event goers while putting on and removing skates.

If you have questions, please call us at 847-690-1100 or email Rob Broms at