Your Safety Is Always First For Record-A-Hit

All Record-A-Hit Entertainment attractions are well maintained and in good working order. Our equipment gets regular checkups from our full time Warehouse Manager. In addition, all of our equipment is inspected by the Illinois Department of Labor’s Amusement Division, and receive permits yearly.

It is our policy to attend every inflatable. We do not drop off or just rent them out.

Record-A-Hit Entertainment unloads per your specifications, we set up and stay to supervise and attend each and every inflatable to assure safety standards and to keep things running smoothly. This means we are also on-site to troubleshoot in case anything should go awry.

Our Crew Chiefs are also responsible for attraction safety, and are authorized by us, and our insurance company to make decisions about attraction operation viability during inclement weather. Electricity and wet, soggy conditions do not go well together. And very windy or gusty conditions are unsafe also.

About Insurance & Liability

Record-A-Hit Entertainment is fully insured for events. Clients can also have their name added as “Additional Insured” for an additional fee. Some attractions do require that a participant and/or guardian sign our liability waiver at the time of use.

We can also send any group or school a liability waiver in advance if needed to send home to parents prior to an event.

The following attractions need a waiver signed: 3 Lane Bungee Run, Adrenaline Rush, Adrenaline Rush Extreme, Archery Tag, Bouncy Boxing, Bubble Soccer, Bumper Cars, Bungee Run, Bungee Bull, Bungee Sports Challenge, Climbing Wall, Euro Bungy, Gladiator Joust, Hippo Bungee Grab, Human Bowling, Human Foosball, Human Spheres, Iceless Skating Rink, Jacob’s Ladder, Kapow, Meltdown, Mechanical Bull, Obstacle Courses, Pillow Bash, Rat Race, Rock em Sock em, Roller Skating Rink, Ultimate Joust, and Wrecking Ball.