You know the saying “go big or go home”. Well, why not “go giant” and have an amazing event? Here are some of our GIANT attractions that will be a great add-on to your next event!

1. Giant Jenga – relive the childhood game of Jenga which can get up to 5-feet tall!

Giant Jenga Record A Hit 02

2. Giant Checkers – played just like regular checkers just on a larger scale!

3. Giant Chess – same rules as regular sized chess but watch your friends carry around pieces that are around one foot tall

Giant Chess Game

4. Giant Connect Four – more visual and interactive than normal Connect Four

5. Giant Human Foosball – take your foosball ability to a whole new level by playing in an inflatable and see the game come alive right before your eyes

6. Giant Inflatable Twister – if you thought regular Twister was hard enough navigating and holding a place, you must try Giant Twister if you are up for a challenge!

7. Giant Open Photo Booth – unleash the limits of a traditional photo booth by having a giant one where guests can chose what props they would like to wear and could have up to 10-12 people be in ONE picture

Open Photo Booth

8. Giant Snowglobe – get to experience what it feels like to be in a snowglobe with this picture perfect setting – blowing snow, winter background and the best part is you get to take a picture home with you!

9. Giant Kerplunk – enjoy the 4 foot tall version of Kerplunk and test your accuracy by being the person who collects the least amount of balls while pulling out one stick at a time

Giant Kerplunk

10. Giant Light Bright – a much, much, much larger version of one of your favorite children’s games – you can even request to have a customized logo to be put on the light bright to show off at your event.

Giant Light Bright

Go Giant and your guests will be talking about your event for a long time. Call us today at 847-690-1100 and we’ll help you get your giant event going.