The Best Socially Distanced Activities for your Party or Event in 2021

Now that things are starting to open up, it is time to plan for in-person events. Record-A-Hit Entertainment follows all the necessary safety protocols for socially-distanced events. We sanitize all equipment before and after each show, along with any equipment that may be used by multiple participants during the event such as roller skates, ice skates, mini-golf clubs etc. Here are some of our favorite socially-distanced attractions:

Portable Roller Rink and Ice Skating Rink – this can be enjoyed inside or outside; it will just have to be on a flat surface. There are optional plexiglas perimeter panels to keep the skaters in the rink. We will limit the amount of people that will be allowed in it at one time. We provide rink, skates, benches, lights and music!

Axe Throwing Inflatable – Two Viking wannabees throw their foam filled axe (with velcro) to score a bullseye. This exciting and colorful new inflatable is great for ages 4 to 84.

3-Play Sports Inflated Carnival Game – Football, Baseball, Basketball, oh my! Who will sink the most free throws or throw a perfect game or pass a winning touchdown?

Archery Tag Inflatable Game – Your guests can play within an area containing six inflatable bunkers and 2 domino targets. Up to 10 players at a time compete. Archery Tag can be played indoors or outdoors in flat, dry areas.

Blaster Ball Inflatable Game – We will set up 12 large inflatable bunkers that your guests can hide behind and run around. Obstacles can be configured to suit your location. Your guests where our protective vests and face shields.

Ultimate Laser Tag – The laser tag battlefield consists of bunkers of various sizes. Bunkers can be configured to the size of the room. Your guests can run around, sneak, crawl and hide behind the sizable inflated bunkers to deflect incoming shots and to determine their aim. Ultimate laser tag also has real-time team scoring.

Foot Darts – The goal of this game is for players to kick the velcro-covered soccer ball into the felt dartboard. Do your best to get a bullseye!

Field Goal Challenge – Do you need to practice your field goal kick? Participants start by placing a football on a tee. You select the distance of your kick and put it through the uprights!