Top Three Best College Event Attractions For Event Planners In 2022

College event planners are always on the hunt for new attractions to get students to want to come and then have a great time while they are there.

Here’s our picks for the best college party attractions that both get students to attend the event and talk about it for weeks after.

1. Portable Roller Rink

Nothing says fun like an old school Roller Rink but instead of putting all the students on bus and driving them around town (which isn’t fun for anyone) – let us bring the roller rink for your event.

All you need is a flat surface like a parking lot or gym so it can be indoors or outdoors. Social distancing isn’t hard on the rink.

We supply everything you need like skates, wrist guards, and benches. All you have to do is bring a great attitude for fun! And don’t forget to hire a DJ or we can stream Pandora through our sound system.

2. Inflatable Movie Screen

Parking lot movies, gym movies and quad movies are all available when you rent our inflatable movie screen and sound system. College students love watching their favorites on the big screen and it’s a great break from studying. People can safely social distance and still enjoy the event.

3. Portable Iceless Rink

It may still be a little cold right now but our portable Iceless rink doesn’t need the cold for college kids to have a great time. Much like our roller rink, all you need a flat surface either outside or inside.

Again we supply everything you need to have a great time.

So here’s to our 2022 list of great college party attractions. If you need help to plan your best college event, please reach out to Rob Broms at or Dipesh Kadakia at