What Are The 2018 Best Water Attractions Rentals?

Wow, it’s crazy hot this time of year – will your guest enjoy your next picnic or festival? They will if they can cool down and we’ve got a lot of cool-down attractions. Do you need more ideas? Give us a call at 847-690-1100 or email us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Rent Our Wettest, Wildest, Racing Fun Inflatable Slide!

Imagine having Super Splash Dual Water Slide on a hot summer day with your guests. They will never have so much fun. Rent today!

Classic Yet Massive Slip-And-Slide

Your guests will be shocked at the size of our inflatable Slip-and-Slide at your next event. And they will have fun all day so rent it today!

Water Game War Of The Century

This sling-shot powered water game war allows two friends to blast each other with water balloons (included). Don’t worry there’s a splash guard to make sure no one gets hurt but they will get wet! Rent today!

Get Your Dunk On With Our Dunk Tanks

Rent our Dunk Tank(s) to make sure your guest are having a fun and wet time. Your “victim” or target person will sit on the platform while your guests take turns throwing a large softball at the target. You know what happens next. Rent today!

Pitch Burst Is A Wet Riot!

An alternative to the Dunk Tank, Pitch Burst is safe and simple to play – pitch a ball, hit the target and – splash! – a water balloon bursts overhead. Rent yours today!