What do you need for a parking lot drive-in theater?

Nothing except the parking lot.

When you contract with Record-A-Hit, we provide everything you need – the HD movie projector, the powerful outdoor sound system with our two 1000 watt speakers and subwoofer, and a large 25 or 29-foot inflatable movie screen. You don’t even need power – we can also supply that if you don’t have it nearby.

Our projector and screen can work in any kind of dry weather – even as cold as 5 degrees.

Up to fifty cars can see the movie screen and hear the sound. We can also add your logo and intermission video. And speaking of intermission, don’t forget the snacks (which we can also provide)! We have a popcorn machine, pucker powder and cotton candy machines.

So now you know – when you rent a movie screen from Record-A-Hit, you don’t need anything but the parking lot. Make sure to book it now since our spots fill up fast!

If you need help to plan your best college event, please reach out to Rob Broms at rbroms@recordahit.com or Dipesh Kadakia at dkadakia@recordahit.com.