Entertainment Crew Position

To complete our roster we are looking for people who will arrive at a predetermined time to our warehouse ON TIME, assist IN LIFTING AND LOADING our vehicles with the equipment needed for an event, either DRIVE OR IN OUR VEHICLES to event, UNLOAD, SET-UP AND INFLATE, then SUPERVISE the attractions for safety and to keep order. After the event (usually 4 hour duration), crew person will DEFLATE, ROLL UP AND RETURN TO WAREHOUSE, then put them away in the warehouse.

When we contract events with our clients, the scheduler calls names on our roster to fill the schedule. When jobs are offered, you can choose which jobs to accept, depending on your schedule. Events are usually scheduled weeks in advance, so it is helpful to know your schedule.

Each “job” begins in our warehouse at 1495 Tonne Road, Elk Grove Village. The average length of “job” is usually 8 hours beginning to end. Shift starts usually two hours prior to event start time to allow for loading, delivery and set-up. Shift usually ends 2 hours after event ending time to allow for loading, driving and unloading. Most events last 4 hours. For this length of time (8 hours), Record-A-Hit pays $88 flat rate. RAH considers their crew “Part Time Employees”. RAH pays a flat rate $88 for 8 hour job. If job time exceeds 8 hours, we do pay a specified rate for each hour of overtime. We do require a W-4 to be filled out, and RAH makes standard withholding to pay the IRS. Crew is paid twice a month on the 10th and 25th and are required to provide an invoices detailing jobs worked, by the end of each pay period, (this form is provided).

This is a part-time job. No set number of hours can be guaranteed.

The amount you work depends on our bookings and your availability. 

Attire: uniform of clean RAH Shirt and black pants or khakis on work site. No jeans will allowed. Upon hiring, a fee will be withdrawn from first check to cover one Rah shirt. This will be refunded at end of employment when shirt is returned. More shirts can be purchased if necessary.


We are looking for people who:
Have good clean, neat appearance.
Have good people skills, patience and can work with kids, teens and adults.
Are enthusiastic and upbeat.
Have a legal drivers license (not required)
Can take direction from Crew/Supervisor
Location of Warehouse: 1495 Tonne Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

You can upload your resume to dkadakia@recordahit.com  or fax to 847-690-1122.