1495 Tonne Road, Elk Grove Village, Illinois  60007


3 Lane Bungee Run, Adrenaline Rush, Adrenaline Rush Extreme, Archery Tag, Bouncy Boxing,

Bubble Soccer, Bumper Cars, Bungee Run, Bungee Bull, Bungee Sports Challenge, Climbing Wall,

Euro Bungy, Gladiator Joust, Hippo Bungee Grab, Human Bowling, Human Foosball, Human Spheres,

Ice-less Skating Rink, Jacobs Ladder, Kapow, Mechanical Bull, Meltdown, Obstacle Courses, Pillow Bash,

Rat Race, Rock Em Sock Em, Roller Skating Rink, Ultimate Joust, Velcro Wall and Wrecking Ball

THE UNDERSIGNED, by his/her signature hereinafter affixed does acknowledge that any physical activities involve some

element of personal risk and that, accordingly, in consideration for the undersigned waiving his/her claim against

RECORD-A-HIT, Inc., and their agents; the undersigned will be allowed to participate in any of the above activities.

By engaging in this activity, the undersigned acknowledges that he/she assumes the element of inherent risk and,

in consideration for being allowed to engage in the activity, agrees to indemnify and hold RECORD-A-HIT, Inc., and

their agents; harmless from any liability for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death caused by participation

in this activity.  Further, the undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold RECORD-A-HIT, Inc, and their agents; harmless from

any and all costs incurred including, but not limited to, actual attorney’s fees that RECORD-A-HIT, Inc, and their agents;

may suffer by any action or claim brought against it by anyone as a result of the undersigned’s use of such facility.

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