You need to Giant-Size your next party!

If your event is inside or outside, you might want to consider making your event GIANT with any of our new Giant collection of attractions.

Call Rob Broms to Giant-size your event at 847-690-1100 or email him at

The huge thing about these attractions is while they may be giant, they are not so oversized that they cannot be used indoors easily.

Big Red Chair

Our Giant Red Chair or Giant Pink Chair can fit in a large hallway or conference room and is a great photo opportunity.

Big Pink Chair

Giant Checkers

Nearby you could have Giant Checkers or Chess, where people can participate and feel like they are Alice in Wonderland.

Giant Chess Game

Giant Snow Globe

Our new Giant Snow Globe features a human-sized globe that participants go into and have their picture taken with a frosty snowman in the background.

Giant Connect Four

Our giant Connect Four game is just like the small table game you can play at home,but it’s much more visual and interactive.


giant Twister

Giant Twister is a large upscaled version of the board game you played as kid and can accommodate more people and more silliness. Not gigantic enough for you?

Giant Inflated Twister

Check out the Inflatable Giant Twister. It’s much larger and definitely bouncier.

Giant Light Bright

Giant Light Bright is another attraction that people can’t resist. It’s bright, very colorful and inviting, and also much, much larger than the original childhood version.

Giant Jenga

For smaller, but still Giant versions of the originals, try Giant Jenga, Megawire, or Giant Beer Pong.


Giant Beer Pong

Our Foot Pool is actually a huge pool table, where participants kick the colored soccer balls into the corner pockets instead of pool balls.

Foot Pool

Foot Darts

Foot Darts utilizes soccer balls coated with Velcro and a Giant inflated dart board.

Giant Slide

And, if you’ve got the room, there is nothing better than a Giant Slide for all ages, from the smallest of smalls to the biggest of giants. Add some special lighting to cast huge shadows on the walls, big cups, straws or other oversized novelties and you’ve got yourself a Giant themed event.

Rent our Giant Kerplunk Carnival Game – it’s a giant twist on the game of Kerplunk.

Call Rob Broms to Giant-size your event at 847-690-1100 or email him at