Top Six Best De-Stress Attractions For College Students

With school right around the corner, it is time to start planning your mid-semester or even end of the semester events to help with stress levels. Some of the best ways to de-stress are by being active, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths, but most of all, by having fun and laughing! Here are our top de-stress attractions that would be great at your mid or end of semester events:

1. Our Oxygen Bar allows students to breathe in different oxygen-infused aromas that help clear the mind. There are over 16 different aromas that will definitely help take your mind off of stressful times.


2. To add a deeper level of relaxation to your event, add our Massage Chairs. Our chairs have kneading, rolling, tapping, Shiatsu, and other capabilities! When you close your eyes and recline to the zero gravity position with the heating therapy option on, your stress will be reduced immediately.


3. Sweets and candy are always a popular item during high stress times, so our Whackies Candy is another must. Students will be able to fill a 5-inch tube with whatever candy flavor they want so they can take it back to their dorm room as a pick me up for when they study next. Flavors are dependent on availability.

Whackies Record A Hit 03

4. Bumper Cars add a little excitement to one’s day when they are feeling down or stressed. Our bumper cars can be used either indoors or outdoors, so now you don’t have to worry about taking your students to a Bumper Car arena off campus – it’s a win-win for everyone.

bumper cars recordahit (2)

5. Our Caricature Artists sure know how to make people laugh regardless of the situation! We offer digital and traditional hand-drawn caricatures. Our artists like to capture “the real you” when drawing.

caricature artist recordahit

6. Our Giant Jenga takes your mind off of your schoolwork since it requires skill and precision so the blocks don’t come tumbling down. This will be a nice addition to one of your activity stations.


Record-A-Hit wants to ensure that students are fully refreshed for their schoolwork and midterms/finals, so if you need any assistance with planning the perfect de-stress event, please reach out to Katie at