What New Attractions Will Keep Your Crowd Happy at Your Next Social Event?

So are you tired of the same old carnival games, amusement rides and inflatables at your event? Spice it up with these new attractions for your next corporate or school event.


Bumper Cars at Record-A-Hit

Bumper Cars

Zoom! Bump. Flash! Bash. Bumpers Cars are rolling at Record-A-Hit this summer! Imagine the excitement of four inflated bumper cars careening off the sides of the inflated area and trying to avoid one another while circling the court. Cool, right!? You can’t do this in your real car, so try it out in a bumper car! The best part is, you won’t get in trouble for bumping or running into someone on purpose!


On The Spot Emoji Shirt Record-A-Hit

On the Spot Emoji T-Shirts

Ever wanted that emoji on your phone screen to pop out at you? Well here’s your chance to create an emoji t-shirt! Chose any emoji from the selection provided, along with the size of t-shirt you want, and you have yourself an emoji t-shirt! You can now show off emojis on your t-shirt instead of having to send one to your friend or family member to get the point across.


Giant Light Bright Record-A-Hit

Giant Light Bright

Remember playing with your Light Bright when you were younger? Relive that childhood memory but with a lifesize Light Bright! Those little pieces that you would always lose or misplace are not a problem anymore because they have grown in size. Trust me, these pegs are much easier to handle compared to the ones you had to deal with when you were younger.


Foot Darts Record-A-Hit

Foot Darts

Don’t have a dartboard to play on? Scared to throw a sharp dart and potentially have it hit something it shouldn’t have hit? You’re in luck. Foot darts allows you to use your feet and a velcro coated wall. Try to kick the ball from a distance to hit the dartboard right in the center. You get 5 turns. You can take individual turns or play on a team. It is completely up to you.



Foot Pool

Don’t have a pool table? Or are you too young to get into a billiards hall? Foot pool enables you to enjoy the experience of playing pool without such the high stakes! Use your feet and your brain while playing this. Use a white soccer ball to “break” the rack and then skillfully kick the appropriate colored soccer balls into the corner side pockets. Rules are exactly the same as a regular pool game. Participants must only use their feet to touch the balls.


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