Seven Things Every Event Planner Should Know About Carnival Games

Are you hosting a family fun event at school that is carnival-themed or are looking for some simple carnival games to add a flare to your upcoming event? Here are some basic tips that everyone should know about having carnival games at their next event!

1. Some carnival games require certain table lengths in order for them to be used to their maximum potential. Check with us or your party rental company to see what specific lengths and widths are needed and how many tables will need to be provided for the carnival games you have chosen. We show the table needs on each product at the bottom of the product page. “Dress up” or decorate your event with tablecloths and provide striped carnival fronts and carnival tents, at additional cost, to jazz up your event and keep within the carnival theme.

2. Some carnival games may need to be attended. Make sure you have someone attending the carnival games that need guidance or involve tossing an object. You do not want your guests chasing a ball down a field when they are trying to make it in the basket with the classic game Bushel Basket Toss or looking for a ring when they missed the bottle for Ring-A-Bottle. Also, attendants can make the attraction more interesting with their enthusiasm and coaching. If the attraction is attended, prizes can be provided for them to distribute to the “winners” or participants, adding an additional incentive.  Prizes and attendants are not included with our table top or small carnival games, but can be added at additional cost. Make sure to ask.

3. Mark lines on the floor or grass where your guests should stand when tossing the object at the carnival game. For Ring Toss, have younger guests, 5 or younger, stand 3 feet back from the table, and for older guests, have them stand 5 feet back. That way everyone has a fair advantage.

ring toss carnival game

4. If you are having tickets for prizes at your carnival event, make sure to have the amount of tickets posted at the entrance of the event so everyone is aware of the tickets. Have a volunteer collect the tickets and be in charge of giving the prizes out to your guests. Or add on attendants and prizes to your contract.

5. Make sure you are aware of noise levels for any carnival games. For example, Mega Wire buzzes when a contestant touches the wire. It’s hilarious but can be loud.

Megawire6. Be aware of carnival games that involve water. The classic carnival game Duck Pond requires quite a bit of water so make sure you have access to a water supply.

7. Carnival games come with safety measures as well. Make sure all Hi-Strikers Ring-The-Bell carnival games are being closely supervised since your guests will be swinging a hammer as hard as they can in order to make the bell go all the way to the top.

Hi Striker Record A Hit 04

Do you have any questions about carnival games or want to know the best carnival games for your next event? We can help you with that. Just contact Rob at 847-690-1100 or email him at We look forward to working with you!