Ten Tips For Having An Inflatable Attraction At Your Next Event

Are you a party planner or looking to host an event?

Do you want an inflatable at your next event, whether it be for a park district, a school, or a family fun event?

If you answered yes then here are ten tips about what every party planner should know about inflatables!

1. There are certain restrictions when it comes to inflatables, such as height, weight, etc… Check these restrictions with your inflatable vendor to see what they are before your place your order.

2. Not all inflatables are fit for everyone and not everyone will enjoy them the same.

3. There are safety guidelines. Make sure to follow them when the event is going to ensure everyone’s safety.

4. Listen to the inflatable attendant. Yes, we have all our inflatables attended so our staff can supervise and make sure everything is operating properly and everyone is safe.

5. Set up and take down require some time. Make sure to plan enough time before and after the event so staff can have everything ready before your guests arrive.

6. Inflatables are not permitted to be outside during bad weather especially heavy rain. Water and electricity are a bad mix! Make sure to look ahead the day or so before your event to see what the weather looks like.

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7. Have a rain location in mind just in case it does decide to rain the day of your event.

8. If your inflatable needs waivers, make sure to relay the message to the attendees that if they are under the age of 18, a parent must sign for them or they will not be allowed to go on the inflatable.

9. Know your target audience for your event and have ideas of what inflatables would be a good fit for them. We wouldn’t want to have a toddler’s inflatable at a party for teenagers.

10. The most important thing about an event is making sure you have enough electricity to power all attractions. If your event is outdoors, are you providing the electricity or is the inflatable rental company?

Inflatables are a lot of fun and definitely worth the time and cost. Your guests will have a blast with your inflatables. If you need help selecting the right inflatable for your event or party, please call us at 847-690-1100 or email me at rbroms@recordahit.com.