What are the best college games and attractions for college campus events?

When college campus event planners are looking to get college students excited about their upcoming event or party, I always recommend these top 2019 college attractions and games:

College students love climbing walls so rent our Mt. Avalanche Climbing Wall.

Our Mt. Avalanche Climbing Wall is a great climbing wall surface with real climbing grips. The Auto Belay mechanism allows two guests to climb safely at the same time. We will provide a trained Record-A-Hit professional attendant to help get your guests into their harness so they can climb up and ride down smoothly and safely.

Which college student wouldn’t want to test their Jaws-busting skills by taking on our Mechanical Shark or the bronco-bucking traditional Mechanical Bull?

Our rocking mechanical shark in its lost-at-sea themed inflatable ocean is very rambunctious and a ton of fun while keeping you and your guests safe with its soft body and snout.

Our rocking mechanical bull in its western themed inflatable corral is very rambunctious and a ton of fun while keeping you and your guests safe with its soft head and foam horns.

We’ll provide a professional mechanical ride operator who starts everyone out with a slow back and forth rocking motion. As soon as the rider gets comfortable, they’ll increase the challenge by spinning and rocking the mechanical ride (but only if the guest feels comfortable with it).

College kids love the super bounce of our Eurobungy Trampoline rental.

Four people at once can use our Eurobungy 4-in-1 trampoline and have the time of their lives. Each guest is securely harnessed with safety cords in so they can only can jump directly over their own trampoline. Once they start jumping, their bungee straps will shoot them higher and higher in the air.

They love to lose their stress by crashing our cars with our rental Bumper Cars.

Now you don’t have to take your guests to an expensive amusement part to enjoy Bumper Cars! Imagine the excitement of your guests as they roll, bump, twirl, bash and race their way around the inflated soft area. Up to 4 guests can ride at a time. This is one of our most popular attractions so make sure you book it early before it’s sold out. You don’t want your guest to miss out.

Don’t have a Meltdown? Unless it’s our challenging Meltdown bounce house.

Meltdown - Obstacle Course Race Inflatable

The Meltdown challenges the guests to avoid two spinning bars, one positioned higher and one lower to the base of the bouncy house. The guests must stay on their podium while avoiding the two rotating bars. The guest that is the last one standing on their podium is the winner.

It’s time to take each other out! College students stand in line to take turns shooting each other in our Ultimate Laser Tag.

Our Ultimate Laser Tag with awesome new laser guns use a low watt visible laser beam, which is effective up to 500 ft. in any direction. Laser Gun also has an additional target to aim at. Team, individual and co-op play is easily programmed. We can modify the length of game, number of shots and lives, as well as the color for each team.

College students can get blasted in a good way with our our Blaster Ball!


Rent our Blaster Ball Inflatable game and your guests will get to use high-powered air cannons that shoot light weight foam balls at each other. If they are hit, then they are out of the game. We will set up 25 large inflatable obstacles that your guests can hide behind and run around. Obstacles can be configured to suit your location.

If you need help with your event planning for your college campus event, please call Rob at 847-690-1100 or rbroms@recordahit.com.