Basketball, Batons, Darts, Oh My!

Ever wanted to be a baton runner, basketball dunker, and human bungee darts participant? Now is your chance with our 3-N-1 Bungee Challenge Inflatable! This game consists of 3 different challenges:

  1. Baton Challenge: Race your heart out to the edge of the lane to see which participant can run the furthest and fastest to stick the baton as far down the center wall velcro strip. Each contestant has 3 tries to get the farthest.
  2. Basketball Dunk Challenge: Summon your favorite basketball player and race down the lane as fast as you can to see if you can dunk faster than your competition
  3. Human Bungee Sports Challenge: This game has brought playing darts to a whole new level. Each contestant runs down the lane, with baton in hand, sticking it to a scoring circle. The person who has the highest score and is the fastest is the winner.

If you are looking for various different challenges and are unsure which one you want to try out first, book our 3-N-1 Bungee Challenge Inflatable for your next event. This attraction is good for any type of event, whether it be through a park district, a school, or just a local family event.