The Top Seven Best Party Attractions That Your Guest Will Just LOVE

How high can your guests jump?

Our Eurobungy can accommodate up to 4 participants at a time. Each person is harnessed in so they jump directly over their individual trampoline. Once they get momentum, the bungees attached to their harness go to work to fling them higher and higher. Discover what you can do on Eurobungy. Book it now!


Skate On Our Iceless Skating Rink!

Iceless Skating Rink

Imagine ice skating inside! Our iceless skating rink is made of high-density interlocking plastic pieces that are totally smooth when put together. Your guests will remember this event for a long time. Book it now!


Bring The Roller Rink To Your Guests!

Roller Rink

Check out the new Roller Skating Rink. Our rink is made of interlocking pieces that are smooth when put together. Skaters can feel no discernible edges. We’ll bring the rink to you! Book it now!


Guests Can’t Get Enough Of Bumper Cars!

Bumper Cars

Imagine the excitement of 4 inflated bumper cars careening off the sides of the inflated arena and trying to avoid each other while circling the court. Your guests can roll, bump, twirl, bash, and race around till your time is up. Amazing experience without the zipping and zapping of the original carnival style bumper cars. Book it now!


Obstacle Course Races Are All The Rage – Bring It To Your Party Today!

Kapow - Obstacle Course Race Inflatable

KAPOW is a multi-player game where your guest race against each other through a circular inflatable obstacle course. KAPOW’s unique elements is the two rotating boom arms. One arm spins in a clockwise direction designed to come into contact with the player at knee/thigh level, while the second arm is spinning counter clockwise. The second arm is higher and would hit a player around the chest area. Lots of laughter and excitement. Book it now!


Meltdown Will Keep Your Guests On Their Toes!

Meltdown - Obstacle Course Race Inflatable

Meltdown is our 8 player action game, that has not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock your guests off their podium. They have to duck underneath or jump over the foam boom. Who will be the last one standing? Book it now!


Who Doesn’t Want To Ride The Bull?

Mechanical Bull Ride

It’s easy to get into the fantasy of being at a wild west rodeo with our rollicking bull inside a western themed corral. The bull, although very restless, does have a soft head, and the horns are made of foam just in case the rocking gets rambunctious. Your guests will have the ride of their life. Book it now!

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