From water slide rentals to water balloon fights, what are the best 2020 water attraction rentals?

Beat the summer heat and cool down your guests by providing them with some of our best water attractions for 2020. We offer a wide variety of water-based attractions that are suitable for all ages.

These are ranked from “a little soaked” to “swim suit time”:

1. Pitch Burst

pitch burst

Whether you want to be on the receiving end of the splash of the water or you want to be the one to get someone soaked, Pitch Burst is the best!

  • If you are the one sitting in the chair under the water balloon, just sit still and anxiously wait for the person throwing the ball to hit the target so the balloon drops and splashes all over you.
  • If you are the one throwing the ball, step up to the throwing line, aim the best you can and throw! Sorry no practice shots on this attraction.

2. Water Wars Inflatable Balloon Battle

Water-Wars Balloon Battle Inflatable

This brings a whole new name to the phrase “water balloon fight.” Our Water Wars Inflatable Balloon Battle is a large self-contained battle zone where each of your guests are at each end. They prepare with their attack and aim for their enemy – you are protected by a splash guard so no water balloons will be coming directly at you. You will get soaked with Water Wars if your opponent has good aim, so choose your opponent wisely.

3. Inflatable Slip-n-Slide

Inflatable Slip-N-Slide

Upgrade from the generic classic slip-n-slide to our Inflatable Slip and Slide. With this, you will actually have to run and jump onto the inflatable in order to get going. As you are sliding down the inflatable, experience water splashing all over you.

4. Super Splash Water Inflatable Slide

Super Splash Inflatable Water Slide

Now you don’t have to go to the water park to experience a water slide. We will bring our Super Splash Water Inflatable Slide right to your event. In separate tunnels, two guests can race down this slide the fastest. Our slide goes down and then curves around the front while water is showering down. The winner will be in for a surprise when they reach the splash landing first!


New on our roster is the insanely fun 24′ dual tropical water slide with splash pond. Great for all ages.

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