Six great tips on how to throw the best family reunion or event

Planning an upcoming family party or event can be stressful since you have to cater to so many different people and you definitely don’t want to let them down. Here are a few tips on how you can throw one of the best family events around!

1. Make attractions all-around age appropriate. This ensures you’ll have something for everyone to do. For example, Wild Animal Zoo is meant for young children (ages 2-5) while moonwalks / bounce houses are any age.

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2. Also keep in mind the physical activity that comes with some inflatables. If you are looking for something relaxing, Adrenaline Rush Extreme won’t be a good fit since it’s a physical challenge made for middle schoolers and up.

3. Have your party at a length that is doable for most people. A 30-minute party might be too short for some but 5 hours would probably be too long if you are just looking for people to mingle. Think about your guest’s attention here – what would make it perfect for them.

4. Have things for people that enjoy being out there and doing a spontaneous thing like Bubble Soccer or maybe a mechanical bull, but also have things for the less outgoing people like Giant Games or Ring Toss. This way everyone gets a chance to enjoy the event!

5. Include a novelty item. If you want your guests to walk away with remembering your party years down the road, think about having an item they can take home and cherish. It can range from a photo strip from a Photo booth, a Create-A-Bear creature, or even just a little sand art necklace.

6. Think of customization. Can any of your attractions be customized and make your event more personable? Brainstorm with the experts (like us) or your rental company to see if they can help you get creative on an overall design for your upcoming event.

If you need any help thinking through these tips, please give us a call at 847-690-1100 or email. We are happy to help you have the best event possible.